Kirsten Tang Paintings

from naturalistic to nonfigurative art - paintings from 1948 until 1998

5 Paintings of the Months - July and August 2016



Painting 1  from1996*

Painting 2  from1997

Painting 3  from 1984

Painting 4  from 1997

Painting 5  from 1996

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5 paintings every second month

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Painting 1


No titel, 1996*, oil on canvas, 100 x 74 cm


 Cheerful colors of summer. My mom loved the summer season - in particular the long, hot and sunny days.

*The painting was made by brush and cloths. On the reverse you will find her signature and dates - 1994 and 1996.

Painting 2


No titel, 1997, oil on canvas , 80 x 65 cm

Exhibited in Almind 1998.

This is a composition with depth. The black color against gentle sharp arches. Is it like a cathedral or a spruce forest? The interpretation is up to you.

Is it a summertime painting? We do not know

Painting 3


No titel, 1984 , oil on canvas, 68 x 50 cm. Exhibited in Almind 1998 .

Again - you have to make your own interpretation. Amoebas in water a hot day in the summer, a little boy surfing on big waves or something quite different. - But the paintings fine colors makes rest to your eyes.

For a long time the painting had the pride of being placed behind my dads desk above the book shelves.                   

Painting 4


 No titel, 1997, oil on canvas, 60 x 53 cm.

Painted with brush and cloths - thin and finely.

The linear figure challenge your imagination - A sextant ?- And maybe you need a little time to discover the fine play in the colors.

Painting 5


No titel, 1996, oil on canvas, 80 x 67,5 cm.

Exihibit in Almind 1998 and possibly Christiansfeldt in 1996. Private ownership.

In the painting you see collision between soft smooth and more tapering shapes.

A nice place in the forest or perhaps a green place among rocks. - Make your own decision! - And discover the warm and optimistic colors.


Kirsten Tang

As a young girl, my mother Kirsten Tang had a vision to become a painter. And she made it.

Through a life time of hard work, she had a prolific career, leaving behind nearly 1000 paintings and other works, before she died at the age of 93 in her home surrounded by a lot of her paintings.

  On this website 5 of her paintings will be shown every second month.

The pictures of the months are works on show in 2006. The theme of the month is:

 The paintings on the months are late works from the 1980`s and from the 1990`s. Highlights in July and August are paintings to the Highhligts for July 2006.



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Aase and Kirsten -  daughters of the artist


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Kirsten Tang was born 1905 on the island  Falster. She was educated as a porcelain painter in the 1930'es. She switched to oil paintings. She painted until her death in 1998 in her home in Almind near Kolding (Jutland). During 1981 to 1994 she led a well frequented school for painters.